Friday, June 16, 2017

Assignment that I am the most proud off

My assignment that I am most proud off is my "Who am I" video that I created. I spent a load of time and work into this assignment and in the end it came out marvelous. It just shows if you put time and hard work into something in the end it will turn out really good. I am really proud of this video that I made because it shows people who I am and this video does a really good job of this. It has excellent videos of myself and it also contains outstanding pictures that I took. When we shared our videos with each other everyone did a great job and I just love watching these videos. I didn't spend as much work and time on any other activity then this one. And I loved seeing the end result of this project because I felt so accomplished from finishing this video. Overall, the "Who am I" video was my best work and my most favorite work that I did this semester in photo one.

Most memorable experiences

One of my most memorable learning experiences from this semester was the pinhole activity. I learned a volume amount of information from this pinhole activity. I was amazed by how you can take pictures with a can and photograph paper, it was a very cool and interesting activity. No other activity from photography one taught me more then this one. We had to learn all about the chemicals and what each did and how to prepare each chemical. We had to learn how to take a negative photograph and turn it into a positive photograph. It was really memorable going outside on a nice sunny day with some friends and posing for a photo and running back inside and seeing how well our photo came out. It was loads of fun and it brought a lot of knowledge to me doing this activity.

Another one of my most memorable learning experiences from this semester was the two photoshop activities we did. I never knew how to work photoshop and from doing this activity it really opened the photoshop world to me. It showed me what I could do and accomplish on photoshop. I learned how to copy a person and paste them onto another photograph. I learned how to add shadows to people and how to change the person in size. It was a really cool program to learn and I could use this information that I learned from this class and do more stuff in photoshop since I know how to use it know. Hopefully I can learn more about this program because their is so much to do and learn about photoshop. My favorite thing I learned from this activity is that you can change a person into something totally different which I thought was really fun and interesting. Overall, learning how to use photoshop and learning how to take pictures using a pinhole were the two most memorable learning experience I had during this semester of photo one.

Reflecting on my goals for the semester

My goals for this semester was to be a better photo taker and I wanted to know the language of a photographer. I learned much more then these two things that I wanted to learn. My photo taking skills have approved dramatically and I am a different person when I take pictures know. When I take picture I know think of the rule of thirds and if I have a good perspective. I search for shadows and interesting shapes that appear in photos. Since I learned the language of photography I feel like I can connect with other photographers better. We can talk about a photo and what it consist of and I will be able to explain the photograph with a high use of vocabulary. In the end, this semester I achieved taking much better photos since the beginning of the year. I also achieved learning the language of photography which I am happy I achieved.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scavenger Hunt


To use everything you learned about creative problem-solving and composition to find and visually demonstrate your understanding of each category
Image result for lines in photographyPhotograph Convergence Flakstad by Ian Cameron on 500px

by pinterest                                                                                 by Darren Rowse 
My exsamples:


Image result for contrast in photography
By Pinterest
My exsamples:

Image result for sun set in photographyImage result for mountains in photography
By Brent Mail                                                               By Pinterest
My exsamples:

An Ants View Of The World
Image result for An Ant's View Of The World in photographyImage result for An Ant's View Of The World in photography
By Abby Lanes                                                                  By Daily Mail
My exsamples:

Image result for Shape in photographyImage result for Shape in photography
By David Peterson

 My exsamples:

Something That Represents You
Image result for adventuresImage result for football
By life in an adventure                                                 By ChaPEL FOWLER 
My exsamples:

Texture PhotographyLook for textures
My exsamples

Thursday, June 8, 2017

"Pinhole Photography"

    1. To understand and demonstrate pinhole photography and how it works;
    2. To become familiar with darkroom processes and procedures.

One aspect that I learned while doing pinhole photography is learning how complete the process of getting your negative photograph. It has to go into the developer, then the stopper, and then the fixer. Another aspect that I learned was learning how to make a positive photograph. My last aspect that I learned was how to actually take a picture without using a smart phone or real camera. This was really cool and I could use this cool pinhole camera in the future.

The most exciting parts of this process was seeing if your photograph actually came out well. After going through all the steps to see our photograph bringing it into the light and seeing if it came out well was very exciting for me. Another exciting part was actually taking the photograph. It was fun to try to ghost and stay still, overall it was an exciting process.

“Forced Perspective Photographs”


  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;
 I think my most unique and successful photograph is the one of me hanging from the car steering wheel. This photograph is unique because when I looked up forced perspective photographs on google I never saw anyone hanging from a steering wheel. This is my best photograph because it looks the most realistic out of all of my other photographs. It was also successful because of the great shadow I used in it.

Something that continues to be challenging for me in photoshop is making sure my body is perfectly cut and not choppy. This is challenging for me because it takes a lot of time to go over your whole body and make sure everything is perfect. I usually cant do this because I have no patience. I would put on music and concentrate really hard in order to make sure my body was perfectly cut out. Something I might do next time is put down my phone so I cant get distracted so I can concentrate really hard on my work.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The blackness hides behind the true figure which gives it its shape. The beating hot sun shines on the object which gives it its outstanding glow. The same black that follows you when your walking down the street. This is a shadow, a dreaded black outline that hides behind objects when the sun comes out. The black outline shines in the water showing who is beyond the water. Two shapes collide together to make a beautiful picture.