Monday, April 10, 2017

“The Photographers”

One interesting aspect that I want to remember is you make a lot of friendships while you are traveling the world taking pictures. Life as a photographer for national geographic can be lonely but their are so many people and friends you meet while you are on this journey. Another interesting aspect I want to remember is the people their are photographing history. For example the photographer taking the pictures of the skeletons. I think its really cool that these people get to see and take pictures of ancient artifacts that many of us wont see in real life. My last interesting aspect that I want to remember is the cover of the National geographic magazine is the crown jewel of the magazine. If you shot that picture that was on the front of the magazine then you were the king and the best. I think this is a really cool and interesting competition that makes all the photographers try to take the best photos they can.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

“History of Photography”

Doing this project has taught me a lot about the history of photography. I learned that Joseph Nicephore Niepce was the first person to make a photograph. This is a really interesting fact that I think everyone should know if they like photography. Another important fact that I learned was the first camera phone was made on May 18, 1999 and this camera phone had a 110,00 pixel camera, the phone could also store 20 JPEG images. This is a really cool fact because if you think now and look at our smartphones our phones have such better cameras and they can hold so much more storage. It is really cool to see how we progressed and improved technology to improve photography. Also the pictures that our phones take are really good pictures.

Monday, March 27, 2017

“Food” Jack Ricciardi

A gigantic cup stood beneath the microscopic men. Who ever could drink this mighty drink would be crowned king. But who could ever do it. Everyone knew whip cream was the most dangerous substances to drink. But then one young man was brave enough to try, his name was Sean Barr. Sean Barr was a peasant who shinned peoples shoes for a living, so he had nothing to lose. The cup was then placed beneath Sean Barr's hardy nose. Everyone was silent and Sean Barr picked up the mighty drink. He then took one big slurp and the whole drink was cleared. The crowed cheered and celebrated their knew king. Thud! Sean Barr hit the ground, everyone gathered around. Their knew king was dead.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

“Photos with Quotes”

I made the quote unified in this picture by making part of the quote darker when its in  darker spot. I made it blend better by making a pattern. By placing the quote up into pieces and making it go across the photo. Some things I did to make the quote look unique is I bended part of my quote. I have the top piece of my quote bend over the mountains with looks really good. I also bended the third part of my quote because I wanted the quote to have a nice pattern.

To make this quote unified I made the top piece of the quote the color of the sunset and the bottom part of the quote the color of the lake. I did this because I thought the contrast of these to color's looked really good together. I made the quote unique by having the top part of the quote have a upper bend and having the bottom part of the quote having a bottom bend. It's like the bottom part of the quote is reflecting off the top part of the quote. Which I thought was very unique.

For this quote, I made it unified by having the font really mix well with the photo. This photo is very peaceful and neat and I thought that this font reflected those same traits. To make this quote unique I added a really cool pattern. The pattern is to have the front part of the quote be small and every line of the quote it keeps getting bigger and bigger. This really fits the photo and it helps complete the photo.

The two most important things I learned from doing this project is how to bend and mess around with quotes in adobe photoshop and how to make make the quote fit the photo. First off I learned how to bend a quote, how to change the color, and how to change the font. I also learned how to break it off into different layers so then the quote can have a cool design. Secondly I learned how to make the quote fit with the photo. This means what font to use, what design or pattern would look best with the photo, and how to make sure the quote doesn't make your photo worse but making your photo look better.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Cold strips of melting ice cream circulating your hand
The smell of a cone factoring filling your nose
The liquid touching your tongue soothes your dehydration
Ice cream is only the best
On a stunning hot summer day

Thursday, March 9, 2017

"David Hockney inspired photomontage"

The scene we were trying to communicate was the basketball court. We were very successful communicating the basketball court. It was successful because we had a lot of great shots of us passing the basket ball and shooting the basketball and even dunking. We added a lot of the floor and the American flag which made our montage successful.

One thing I learned from this project was how to make a collage. I never really knew how to take little pictures and turn those little pictures into a pic picture, which was really fun. Another thing I learned was taking pictures in a different perspective and angle. I learned this when we were taking pictures in the gym. For example, taking a picture of Noah shooting from every angle. My last thing that I learned from this project was how to put pictures into google drive and print them. This project helped me understand google drive better and my downloaded and printing skills got better.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

“Shapes, Organic and Geometric”

Above the clouds

Where else would you want to go then to be above the clouds
Spotting mountains left and right
Hearing birds chirping and flying
enjoying the view that many will never see
Being above the clouds is endless fun
The sound of helicopters filling the air
makes you seem like their is someone out their
Don't ask me, just ask others
because they will say the same thing
about being above the clouds